Here are 10 Best Decoration Ideas For Ramadan …

Ramadan 2018 is approaching fast, and people are very anticipated about celebrating it with their family members. Muslims around the world celebrate this day by decorating their homes. Some people make Decorative Items for Ramadan by themselves. These decorations energize the mood and bring a festive feel in the country or anywhere. Thus on special days like these, a cheerful ambiance is created. These DIY Decorative Items for Ramadan have their charm and elegance.

Here are10 Best Decoration Ideas For Ramadan 2018

1.Ramadan Calendar:

This handmade Ramadan calendar is hand stitched on felt and each pocket can be filled with a small note or gift. Hang it up year after year and enjoy.

2.Mini Star Lanterns:

Sold in sets of six, these charming mini holographic lanterns are perfect for stringing up for Ramadan. Use them to frame a doorway, line up on a table, in the grass along an outdoor entryway.

3.Pop-up Lanterns:

These are paper lanterns which are prepared by people to place them as centerpieces for their tables. These lamps are made of interesting papers. They have different size and pattern. So add a pop of color and whimsy of decor.

4.Glittery Sign Board:

This just a paper cutting in the shape of Ramadan Mubarak. This article cutting is dipped in glitter to make it shimmer and flaunt an elegant look.

5.Eid Countdown Chalkboard:

Keep track of how many days are left until Eid! This chalkboard countdown sign stands approximately 10 inches tall and the text on the board is printed with permanent vinyl to prevent rub-off.

6.Ramadan Banner:

Celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with this handmade garland with “Ramadan Karim” elevated lettering. These are made to order, so you can customize the colors and wording if you like.

7.Gold & Silver Moon Party Pack:

Get a jump start on your celebration with this party pack containing ten balloons and four-star and moon streamers. Perfect for decorating a room, or buy multiple packs for larger areas.

8.Henna Lanterns:

These beautiful mason jar lanterns are inspired by henna art and hand painted, making each one unique. Use them for Ramadan in groupings and keep them out after the holidays as wonderful additions to your decor.

9.Hanging Star Boxes:

These star boxes are made of handmade paper and painted with beautiful designs, and the pre-attached gold string makes them easy to hang quick. Fill with nuts, chocolates, small gifts.

10.Lantern Craft Kit:

Engage the kids in Ramadan festivities with this lantern decoration kit. It comes with four paper lantern cutouts that are ready to decorate with the included gems and confetti, or they can also be colored with markers and crayons