Here are 15 Best Iftar Food For Ramadan 2018

Here’s a list of best Ramzan Mubarak 2018 food ideas.

Muslims all across the world observe fasts and celebrate Ramzan and observe fasts. One of the most basic ideas behind keeping a Roza is to inculcate stoicism and a sense of self-restraint.People who keep Roza eat before sunrise (Suhoor or Sehri) and then refrain from eating or drinking anything throughout the day.

In the evening, people break their fasts after sunset with a meal called Iftar. Iftar is a feast which people look forward to after the day’s long restraint. Traditionally, one is supposed to eat dates along with juice, milk or water. It is believed that Prophet Mohammad ate three dates when he broke his Roza. But Now we all have a trend to make a yummy iftar in everyone home and they also sent Iftar to their neighbors & friends. Here we are sharing some new Food items list for your Ramadan menu.

Here are

15 Best Iftar Food For Ramadan 2018

1.Paneer bread roll:


3.Vegetable spring roll:

4.Vegetable macaroni:

5.Vegetable Kaba:

6.Cheese garlic bread:

7.Chicken bread:

8.Masala bay potatoes:

9.Potato and cheese balls:

10.Palak Pakora:

11.Chicken Kachori:

12.Cream Fruit Chaat:

13.Date & Banana Smoothie:

14.Chicken Pakora:

15.Pocket Pizza: