Here Are Top 10 Best Sehri Food Ideas For Rama…

The most vital mealtime of the day during the Holy Month of Ramadan is unquestionably the pre-dawn meal or “Sehri”. Therefore, it needs to be the most nourishing meal that goes hand in hand with being tasty as well. For survival in the scorching heat of May and June in Pakistan while fasting, requires a healthy yet tasty and easy to prepare Sehri/Pre-Dawn Meal. Here we share the best top 10 Food Ideas for Sehri During Ramadan.

Here Are Top 10 Best

Sehri Food Ideas For Ramadan

1.Stuffed egg paratha:

Here is the new idea of Egg Parat. If you are the lover of Egg Parat then you must try this Stuffed egg paratha surely you will like this.

2.Banana oatmeal smoothie:

This mix of orange juice, bananas, and yogurt will satiate your stomach and soul with its freshness and distinctive taste.

3.Scrambled eggs with chicken:

If you are an egg and chicken person when it comes to morning meals then this is your best pick. The savory taste of egg with a dash of chicken will fill you up and satisfy your cravings.

4.Spinach Feta Wrap:

If you are feeling experimental and wish to keep a check on calories then we suggest to you this scrumptious Spinach Feta Wrap. With the goodness of cheese and lots of green, you will feel energetic throughout the day without feeling stuffed.


Nihari is not only the heart-throb of Lahoris but it is a dish that is widely admired all over Pakistan. Nihari is a slow-cooked stew originally made from camel meat but now it is being made into many variants ranging from chicken nihari to beef nalli nihari. It can be served with roti or naan alike and coriander leaves, green chilies, and golden-fried onions are used as a garnish.

6.Nan Channay:

Nan chanay is one of the most relished food items in the history of Pakistani Food. Chaney is basically a variety of chickpeas which are commonly referred to as desi-chickpeas as they are originally from Asia. These chickpeas or chanay have a darker and much coarser coat and are cultivated all over the subcontinent.  The cooking style of chanay changes with the locality like in the Sindh region, they are cooked as a plain curry while Punjabi style chanay are made with a spicy curry with a sour and tangy taste and sometimes added with potatoes or even chicken. It will serve with Naan or Paratha.

7.Green Elachi Qawa:

Qawa is a traditional green tea that was popularly consumed in Afghanistan, northern Pakistan, some regions of Central Asia and in the Kashmir Valley. This tea is prepared by boiling green tea leaves with saffron wisps, cinnamon bark, and cardamom husk while sometimes it is added with Kashmiri roses which give an immense aroma to the drink. Commonly, it is served with sugar or honey and crushed almonds or walnuts. Qawa helps you stay light and healthy throughout the fast and will also help you lose weight as it contains detoxifying agents. So, a cup of qawa is a must try in this Ramadan, if you are willing to stay healthy and fit.

8.Sehri Qeema:

Qeema and paratha/roti is the go-to meal for any desi household. This recipe will sizzle your palate. Also, you can refrigerate it for days you don’t wish to make something fresh.


There is no reason you should skip yogurt out from your grocery list when you go shopping this Ramadan. Yogurt is one of the healthiest, tastiest and not to forget one of the lightest items you can have for Sehri. You can have a bowl of yogurt with some sugar and have tons of benefits. The composition of yogurt is entirely milk and by having it as the first meal of the day we get a rich dose of animal protein.

10.Shami Kebab:

The ultimate savior is here. Shami kebabs are a must when it comes to sehri. Here is a recipe to tantalize your taste buds as these crispy kebabs will make your mornings brighter.